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Rubinov Realty

The Rubinov Realty was established in response to the steady growth within the global Real Estate sectors.


The Rubinov Realty was established in response to the steady growth within the global Real Estate sectors. Our team understands that consumer purchasing power, increase in life expectancy, and lesser travel restrictions will continuously drive the Real Estate sector expansion. Rubinov Group can fully manage the Real Estate asset class of your portfolio in-house. We provide end-to-end fiduciary services starting with value sourcing, followed by financial analysis, acquisition negotiations, finance, management and exit marketing. Rubinov Group is not limited by geography or market sector.

Summary Of Projects

We offer clients the ability to manage projects across the world with frequent engagements in the following:

  • Developing and implementing the client’s Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations Plan, including identifying markets, organizing promotable elements; establishing vehicles for initiating the objectives; developing plans for achieving the objectives; establishing the organizational process for implementation; developing the time table for occurrence.

  • Research regarding:

    • Development of buyer profiles

    • Defining strategic market scope

    • Target feeder markets and market demographics

    • Developing key market strategies

    • Establishing credible sales objectives

  • Advertising services, including:

    • Developing market positioning

    • Performing media research, planning, budget and tracking indicators

    • Conceptual and creative development, production planning and budget

    • Developing external and internal marketing promotions

  • Establish budgetary guideline and timelines. 

  • Estimate demand and prepare sales forecasts. 

  • Establish sales force objectives and quotas.

  • Establish size and organization of sales force.

  • Recruit, select, hire and train the sales force.

  • Compensate and motivate sales force, including development of sales promotions and staff activities designed to enhance motivation and increase productivity.

  • Set specific tasks and operating procedures as well as short term and seasonal production indicators.

  • Orient sales staff and supervise Sales Director to assure procedures are followed. 

  • Control and evaluate performance.

  • Qualify corporate brokerage company. 

  • Establish and implement all policies and procedures. 

  • Oversee and direct Community Association Manager.

  • Until “Turnover to Homeowners”, preside at all Homeowner Association meetings as a Director of the Board representing Corporate Management.

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