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Rubinov Capital

Rubinov Capital strategy for added capacity is to seamlessly align itself as a lead lender, through syndication, with capital and debt markets that share the long-term visions and objectives of the company.


Rubinov Capital strategy for added capacity is to seamlessly align itself as a lead lender, through syndication, with capital and debt markets that share the long-term visions and objectives of the company. This alliance with a select group of debt and equity markets creates unparalleled capacities for large and complex real estate transactions. By bringing together our expertise, our equity capital, the financial capacity of our alliances, and our understanding of the unique capital requirements of our projects, we have created a great capability to meet our own, as well as our clients’ capital needs in both debt and equity markets.

Our Culture

Rubinov Capital success has been built on the exceptional quality of its people. The company utilizes the talent, expertise, and experience of its professionals to deliver thoughtfully packaged capital solutions that differentiate it from the one-service-fits-all orientation of the competition.

Rubinov Capital culture is characterized by high standards, aggressive goals, and measurable results. Creating and maintaining a high performance environment in order to syndicate the best capital markets and to achieve additional financial capacity is fundamental to the company’s success.

Money may be obtainable from many lenders and equity markets, but what distinguishes Rubinov Capital from the competition is how we package and deliver the funds, and that difference is our culture.

Our Market

In addition to providing capital for our own projects, Rubinov Capital provides capital for its real estate development clients for whom the Company provides other services such as design, development, project management and marketing services. Rubinov Capital meets the capital requirements of its clients that are often too complex to be addressed by local or regional lenders or equity markets. The company structures and delivers the most efficient mix of equity and debt to create a competitive advantage for our clients in the marketplace.

Services Provided
  • Coordinate financing and deal structuring, as may be needed.

  • Assist in identifying and obtaining debt and / or equity for client projects.

  • Negotiate purchase agreements, tenant leases, construction contracts, loan commitments, and equity relationships on behalf of the client.

  • Generate and implement creative ways to craft the most advantageous and flexible deal terms for the client. 

  • Identify funding sources based on the client’s needs. 

  • Negotiate the most advantageous debt and equity terms for the client. 

  • Assist the client in the preparation of the business plan and the offering memorandum for presentation to investors and lender.

  • Assist the client in closing of the equity or debt placement.

  • Rubinov Capital is insured for general liability, workers’ compensation, property, professional liability and automobile risks and exposures by a group of highly rated insurance carriers. Details on all coverages and limits will be provided upon request.

  • In addition, specialized coverage is developed and obtained for individual projects on an as-requested basis.

  • Rubinov Capital is capable of bonding the smallest to the largest projects with highly rated surety companies.

  • Rubinov Capital has the expertise and experience to work with its clients’ risk management professionals to develop the most efficient and cost effective risk management and insurance programs. 

  • Assist in development of risk management plan for the project.

  • Identify risk management and safety resources necessary for project.

  • Develop project specific insurance programs to ensure adequacy of coverage
    on a cost-effective basis.

  • Develop or review insurance specifications for bid documents.

  • Develop owner controlled insurance programs where appropriate.

  • Monitor compliance by contractors and subcontractors with insurance requirements.

  • Assist client with hard-to-place risks to ensure adequacy of protection.

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