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About Rubinov Group

Rubinov Group was founded by an innovative and accomplished entrepreneur with an expansive background that includes wealth management, consulting for multi-billion dollar businesses and facilitation of deals for sovereign entities.

About Rubinov Group

The entrepreneurial spirit that sparked the company’s birth continues to fuel team members. Our Executives are afforded the flexibility and power to support you in achieving the most challenging objectives, so you can realize your desired end results. The Rubinov Group team has structured and executed hundreds of transactions in various countries. Key initiatives include real estate value sourcing, financial analysis, negotiating, financing, project management, and exit marketing. Recently, we have executed structured finance and loan syndication on both bilateral and club deal basis.

Our Philosophies

“Transparency, Trust, Triumph”, is not just our slogan, but principles we practice every day when serving our clients. We pledge to protect the privacy of our clients at all times and work tirelessly to provide uncompromising levels of attention, integrity, and reliability when dealing with issues demanding strict confidentiality and sensitivity.

We live in a world that is becoming increasingly automated where business relationships can feel impersonal. Our team stands apart from the norm by delivering quality services with genuine personalized care and courtesy. By taking time to know and understand our clients we are able to effectively respond to their needs with a long-term and holistic approach.

Rubinov Group Executive will serve as your personal contact and provides individualized attention to ensure all aspects of your needs are satisfied.

To this end, we focus on understanding and responding to the intricacies involving current conditions, challenges, and obstacles facing our clients.

Our process begins with extensive information gathering. Armed with a comprehensive analysis, we select and present appropriate products and services in alignment with specific goals. We are not sales people, but resourceful, client-focused, professionals driven to surpass expectations and make a positive difference to our valued clients.

Uriel Rubinov serves as an innovative and visionary-minded leader with a twenty year track record of accomplishments in economics, finance, business development, construction and real estate. Building upon his diversified expertise, Uriel is currently focused on cultivating professional development in the Real Estate sector, including Government and General Contracting.

Uriel began his career as a Stock Broker Apprentice working for several reputable New York based boutique stock brokerage firms. Quickly mastering exceptional skills, he was awarded sponsorship for NASD/FINRA Series 7 & 63 Licenses, and went on to create and lead his own successful team with 15 apprentices. During his time on Wall Street, Uriel maintained an excellent reputation without a single client complaint. In the year 2000, Uriel was hired by JP Morgan Chase Bank as a Stock Trader. For the next seven years, Uriel was continually promoted in positions that ranged from Wealth Manager to Investment Banker.

Since 2003, Uriel has been involved in buying and consulting for distressed businesses spanning the world. Through well-developed strategies and leadership, Uriel has turned around failing businesses and drove revenue into the billions for start-up companies. Uriel has earned an impressive reputation across multiple industries, including commodity, hospitality, real estate, and construction. Currently, Uriel serves as Founder and active Director of Rubinov Group, headquartered in West Palm Beach, FL.

Since moving to Florida in 2015, Uriel’s accomplishments include approvals for US Government contracting. Most notably, in June 2015, Uriel single handedly set precedent in London High Court by clarifying the law relating to insolvency proceedings. This case allowed Mr. Rubinov to submit a reorganization plan to take over a publicly traded company that had a valuation in excess of US$6 billion and 2,000 shareholders.

Uriel has earned multiple credentials, including certifications in Construction Project Management and Property Management, Florida Real Estate Broker License, and Florida General Contractor License. Additionally, Uriel holds membership affiliation with a long list of professional organizations, including Family Office Group, New York City Power Group and Finance Club of New York, as well as various Real Estate Groups.

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