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Rubinov Construction

Rubinov Construction procures projects privately utilizing various methodologies, including design, budget, schedule, safety, and project management.


Rubinov Construction procures projects privately utilizing various methodologies, including design, budget, schedule, safety, and project management. Effective planning is crucial to support successful project execution and ideal outcomes. Rubinov Construction generates detailed plans and maintains careful oversight of all projects in-house. With every project, we consider many factors, including environmental impact, local building authority regulations, economies pertaining to scale, availability of material, and qualified tradespeople. By remaining committed to following these practices, we avoid the cost and time overruns. Rubinov Construction offers significant experience in developing and managing global construction projects as well as government contracting projects. Our group has more than 25 years in managing complex construction projects on behalf of both private and public clients around the world.  Projects range from multi-family apartments in Italy, to 500,000 SF industrial spaces in the Pacific Northwest, to 20,000 SF commercial buildings in the Southeast. We are uniquely qualified to support clients through the technical programming (project development), design and construction execution process.


Market Sectors

Read more about our strategy for the Market Sectors.

Projects Development

Step-by-step Project Development Process in details.

Feasibility Analysis

In-depth market & risk analysis for any project.

Zoning and Permitting

We take care of all your Zoning & Permitting questions.

Pre-Construction Management

Management services to help achieve short-term & long-term goals.

Construction Management

Capital needs in both debt and equity markets.


• Residential
• Commercial
• Heavy industrial
• Institutional
• Commercial
• Government
• Retail
• Hospitality
• Historical Restoration
• Arts
• Culture
• Entertainment
• Convention
• Sports
• Data Center
• Disaster Preparation
• Disaster Recovery
• Education
• Healthcare
• Infrastructure
• Transportation
• Green Development
• Energy Efficiency
• Modular Construction
  • Determine highest and best use.

  • Develop appropriate land planning theme.
  • Coordinate all land planning and engineering.
  • Establish liaison with all applicable governmental agencies for the benefit of project.
  • Attend and participate, as requested, all governmental meetings and hearings.
  • Prepare and implement all financial and business plans.
  • Design and implement all necessary computer accounting, spreadsheet and tracking systems.
  • Prepare and/or review any attorney prepared documentation relating to sales, marketing and construction, including, but not limited to:
    • Condominium Documents:
      • Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions
      • Articles of Incorporation
      • By-laws
      • Prospectus and all applicable exhibits
    • Reservation Agreements (with applicable Escrow Agreement)
    • Contracts for Sale & Purchase (with applicable Escrow Agreement)
    • Association Budgets

    • Management Agreements
    • Construction Documents
  • Supervise all licensed (or unlicensed) sales personnel according to the guidelines defined by the authorities.
  • Establish, implement and direct activities relating to:
    • Signage
    • Model Units
    • ollow-up procedures for prospects
    • Personality Selections
    • Buyer Orientations and Inspections
    • Homeowner’s Manuals
    • Creative Consultant Services
    • Production Resources
    • Homeowner’s Warranty and Maintenance
  • Perform initial financial and development analyses and sensitivities regarding development options and opportunities.
  • Advise on development alternatives including zoning issues, environmental actions, architectural design, marketing and leasing, and construction issues that may impact the project development.
  • Investigate and recommend course(s) of action given the potential risk and return for various alternative development schemes.
  • Prepare comprehensive economic proforma analyses and sensitivities to determine project feasibility and viable options.
  • Assist client and retained professionals in negotiations and completion of contract terms and legal documents.
  • Provide preliminary budgeting and ongoing monitoring of all proposed short and long term costs associated with developing and managing the project.
  • Evaluate the extent and value of required renovations relative to fire/life safety and ADA requirements on existing buildings.
  • Identify any recommended environmental evaluations and/or remediation processes for existing buildings or properties.
  • Evaluate the structural, mechanical and electrical changes to existing buildings that may be needed to accommodate a particular tenancy.
  • Evaluate and make recommendations regarding the tenant improvements needed to accommodate a specific occupancy.
  • Seek and obtain zoning changes and/or variances as needed to maximize property development potential and value as well as to accomplish client objectives.
  • Process and obtain historic approvals as may be required by Preservation Review Boards and ad hoc citizen groups.
  • Negotiate with all applicable governmental authorities to obtain the most favorable benefits and the least restrictive constraints.
  • Secure necessary approvals and permits (e.g. environmental, excavation, base building construction, interior construction, occupancy) from the various municipal authorities, as required.

  • Assist in selecting and engaging the most appropriate and qualified architect and / or interior designer for the project.
  • Review any previously completed architectural design work and provide recommendations for design changes and value engineering alternatives.
  • Work with the selected design team to formulate delivery schedules including assignment of responsibility for all tasks through project completion; generate critical dates schedules.
  • Recommend, engage and oversee any professional consulting services to be included in the documentation and pre-construction process.
  • Work with the selected design team to establish preliminary budgets, using cost consultants and subcontractor feedback.
  • Update and refine the preliminary construction budget at appropriate design milestones during the design process.
  • Manage any redesign and value engineering necessary for the client’s layout, using the services of appropriate architects, engineers, contractors and specialty consultants.
  • Organize interactive interface between the client’s needs and the design team’s production.
  • Oversee revisions to the existing design and construction plans to ensure compliance with current code requirements and applicable regulations.
  • Supervise and coordinate modifications to the construction documents, including a peer review to ensure coordination of all plans.
  • Review all plans and specifications developed by the design team and make practical recommendations to save time and/or money.
  • Identify opportunities for ͞fast-tracking͟ the project schedule including evaluation of the costs and benefits of such strategies.
  • Select and engage qualified sub-contractors; negotiate subcontract prices, time schedule and scope; and review and finalize all contracts for general construction.
  • Re-review the drawings prior to the beginning of the bid process for value engineering savings and review the cost impact of all design elements.
  • Monitor the budget management process prior to bidding, using continual construction cost updating with actual subcontractor input, thereby providing a “no surprise” final budget.
  • Oversee the permitting process to ensure that the building permit and other interim and post-construction approvals are obtained in a timely fashion.
  • Work with sub-contractors and owner to produce an owner work schedule including all ancillary activities (i.e. telephone systems, wiring, security, furniture, etc.) and establish firm, realistic move-in date(s).
  • Oversee the preparation and integration of all construction bid documents, so that they clearly outline all scope and contractual items required.
  • Oversee the construction process on a day-to-day basis, focusing on expediting both schedule and time, due to their vital relationship to project cost and quality.
  • Ensure that a well written, all-inclusive construction contract between the client and the selected sub-contractors are negotiated and that the bid documents are coordinated, complete and fully understood by all parties; control the budget and costs generated by change orders.
  • Develop and coordinate the milestone and CPM schedules to ensure optimal project procurement, construction and delivery, and advise client on any modifications.
  • Manage the consultants through all aspects of the base building construction and/or tenant build-out so that the project is delivered on schedule and at the agreed upon budget.
  • Review and verify sub-contractor construction costs and assist in the development of unit prices for tenant fit-up work.
  • Review sub-contractor change orders, applications for progress payment and payment breakdowns to ensure that the charges are appropriate.
  • Advise the client with respect to construction cost deviations from baseline budgets.
  • Monitor the adequacy of on-site personnel and equipment as well as the availability of necessary materials and supplies; advise the client of any action necessary to maintain the established progress schedule.
  • Develop and oversee project safety requirements and work with risk management professionals on safety and insurance issues and requirements.
  • Notify the client and quality control consultants of any work not in compliance with the plans and other contract documents.
  • Attend job meetings with sub-contractors, client, architects, engineers and others as necessary to coordinate work and resolve conflicts and provide reports as appropriate.
  • Represent the client in resolving conflicts or disputes with sub-contractors, and / or suppliers.
  • Set up and run weekly progress meetings during the construction build-out phase to discuss any changes in cost, schedule or design as well as any other outstanding issues.
  • Control the budget schedule and quality through the evaluation and negotiation of all approved change orders (and other cost issues).
  • Require frequent job site visits by the entire construction management team to ensure quality control and adherence to the schedule.
  • Review, coordinate, approve and process the monthly requisitions with owner.
  • Obtain Certificates of Occupancy.
  • Work with the architect and owner to establish a complete punch list prior to move-in and ensure that this list is completed in an accurate and timely manner.
  • Close out all costs associated with the project and obtain all final releases of liens.
  • Ensure that the client’s management personnel and key advisors are kept fully informed of the project’s status and progress at all times.
  • Customize reports to meet the client’s needs, which typically include at minimum:
    • Monthly written project reports;
    • Monthly project review meetings with client;
    • Quarterly, or more frequent, face-to-face approval meetings with all involved managers on all issues comparing the remaining work with the remaining budget;
    • Regularly scheduled Project Meetings where a full review of the project can be presented to all client representatives.
  • Establish communications program to ensure that project-related issues are carefully explained before critical project decisions are made.
  • Provide a breakdown of costs-to-date, sensitivity analyses, updated projected cash flows as well as copies of any and all outside consultant reports.
  • Prepare monthly requisition or draw requests for construction loans in a format required by construction lender.
  • Prepare monthly Summary Bar Chart Report.
  • Prepare monthly Bar Chart Report, organized by construction area.
  • Prepare monthly Bar Chart Report, organized by trade.
  • Prepare monthly Bar Chart Report for Submittals and Procurement.
  • Prepare monthly Time Scaled Logic Diagram.
  • Prepare monthly Cash Flow Graphics.
  • Prepare monthly Resource Graphics.
Summary Of Projects
Among many other successfully completed projects, the following is a relevant summary for your review and consideration:
4-building, 550 room apartment development in Sicily, Italy $50M, providing housing for US Military personnel stationed in the area. Project was delivered on schedule and in budget. Naval Air Station Sigonella – Sicily, Italy – Naval Facilities Engineering Command Europe
Complex Civil, Utility and infrastructure upgrades totaling more than $30M in direct support of the Vice President of the United States.  The project was delivered on schedule and under budget. 1 Observatory Circle – Washington DC – Naval Facilities Engineering Command Washington
$124M aircraft hangar supporting Naval Aviation Operations in the Southeast United States.  Project was uniquely developed using the design-build strategy requiring significant management and interaction with end user organizations, simultaneously managing the design – contractor team. The project was executed and completed on budget and delivered on-time. Naval Air Station Jacksonville – Jacksonville FL 32212 – Naval Facilities Engineering Command Southeast
$240M industrial complex in the Pacific Northwest. Facility was uniquely built below grade due to the specific tasks being performed to protect the personnel and surrounding community.Naval Base Kitsap – Silverdale WA 98315

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