Rubinov Group was founded by an innovative and accomplished entrepreneur with an expansive background that includes wealth management, consulting for multi-billion dollar businesses and facilitation of deals for sovereign entities. The entrepreneurial spirit that sparked the company’s birth continues to fuel team members. Our Executives are afforded the flexibility and power to support you in achieving the most challenging objectives, so you can realize your desired end results. The Rubinov Group team has structured and executed hundreds of transactions in various countries. Key initiatives include real estate value sourcing, financial analysis, negotiating, financing, project management, and exit marketing. Recently, we have executed structured finance and loan syndication on both bilateral and club deal basis.

Our Philosophies

"Transparency, Trust, Triumph", is not just our slogan, but principles we practice every day when serving our clients. We pledge to protect the privacy of our clients at all times and work tirelessly to provide uncompromised levels of attention, integrity, and reliability when dealing with issues demanding strict confidentiality and sensitivity.

We live in a world that is becoming increasingly automated where business relationships can feel impersonal. Our team stands apart from the norm by delivering quality services with genuine personalized care and courtesy. By taking time to know and understand our clients we are able to effectively respond to their needs with a long-term and holistic approach.

Your Rubinov Group Executive Consultant will serve as your personal contact and provides individualized attention to ensure all aspects of your needs are satisfied. To this end, we focus on understanding and responding to the intricacies involving current conditions, challenges, and obstacles facing our clients.

Our process begins with extensive information gathering. Armed with a comprehensive analysis, we select and present appropriate products and services in alignment with specific goals. We are not sales people, but resourceful, client-focused, professionals driven to surpass expectations and make a positive difference to our valued clients.